To Write or Not to Write

(This is a post that I’m migrating over from my former blog on Blogspot.)

Writing in a blog is something that I’ve been wanting to do, and do more consistently for a while.

Writing that first draft is always the hardest, it’s much too easy to talk yourself out of writing at all.

I recently read an article on about this exact topic. Most of the advice was geared toward writing in business, but it was a good post.

There is one particular bit of advice that I wanted to write about. It was about overcoming the “blank page hurdle”, which is something that I’m currently working on.

The main take away that I got from the post was this quote:

“The trick to overcoming this isn’t easy, but it’s surprisingly effective: give yourself permission to write badly, and just start.”

In writing first drafts I often am too hard on myself. It doesn’t read like Tolkien or Robert Frost, so obviously it isn’t good enough. I really needed someone to tell me that’s it’s ok to suck when you’re starting out.

I think we all fall prey to the perfectionist attitude in so many aspects of our lives.  We think to ourselves that we’re not smart enough, talented enough, or whatever else we tell ourselves that convinces us not to do what we plan on doing.

The truth is that we rarely start out good at anything. The first draft is always just the beginning as we develop our ideas, just like the first practice of a sports season is just the beginning of progression; the first orchestra rehearsal of the semester is always the worst, and we shouldn’t judge how the final concert will sound based on how the first rehearsal went.

This blog is my way to “just start”. This is my way of pushing myself through the bad writing, the sometimes painful process of finding the right thing to say, and sometimes having anything to say at all. 

It is my resolution to fill this blog with great things, but first I have to begin with filling the pages with something, with anything.  I can only hope that of the many things that I plan on posting that some of it will be beneficial to whoever reads this. 


New Blog, New Life . . . OK just a new blog actually

So I’ve started a new blog.  I’ve tried this blogging thing a few different times with business ideas I had, personal blogs, and a number of different ideas.  None of them have really stuck.  I was doing pretty good with my last blog (, but I found that I don’t really like how cumbersome Blogger is to use.  So here I am, giving WordPress a shot.

Conventional blogging wisdom says that you should pick a single topic and write on that.  This helps to gather an audience interested in hearing from an expert on that topic.  It helps with search results, and also helps to make your blog stick in people’s memories because it’s focused on one topic.

I’ve never really been big on following conventional wisdom.  I tried the “one topic” thing and found that I just really don’t care to write that frequently on one topic.  I have varied interests (as I talk about on my “My Story” page), and I rarely want to write about the same thing day in and day out.  I like to study new things, explore new horizons.  So I’ll be writing about a lot of different things on this blog.

Lest this turn into a boring travelogue of my not-so-adventurous life (I’m not much of thrill seeker) I will focus on a few different topics that interest me the most.

1. Music – I’m a musician and hope to write about music industry stuff.

2. Writing – I’m an aspiring author.  I’m working on novel #1 . . . we’ll see how long that takes me.  But I’ll write about writing and post some snippets.

3. Religion – I’m a Mormon.  Religion is a central part of my life and I’ll be sure, if not to do entire posts about Mormonism, to throw Mormon terms throughout the blog.

4. Family – I’m a family man.  I’m married with one son and another son on the way.  I love my family and love to spend time with them, so I’ll probably be writing about them as well.

This, as you have already guessed, is not an informational blog.  I am not a subject matter expert on any of the aforementioned topics.  I just like to write, and if there is something of interest in what I write then my mission has been accomplished.

So I hope you enjoy, hope you come back soon.