Music Monday: Drew OfThe Drew

Every year I create a new playlist in Spotify and spend the rest of the year adding all of the new songs that I liked that year to the playlist.  I do this for a few reasons; partly so I can blog about the music that I like, but mostly it’s just so that I can collect all of my favorite songs of the year in one place, so it’s easy to listen to my favorites.

It started out in 2013 when I realized that my musical tastes change quite dramatically over time, and I like a huge variety of music.  So I’ve got 4 years worth of playlists that I keep and when I go back through them it never ceases to amaze me not only how diverse my musical tastes can be, but also how frequently my tastes change.  My 2013 playlist has Kimbra right alongside Brad Mehldau, Esperanza Spalding with Radiohead, and Billy Joel with The Bad Plus.  Skip to 2016 and I’ve got D’Angelo alongside Snarky Puppy, MuteMath and Marisa Monte, Tim McGraw and Oz Noy, all happily coexisting on the same playlist. This probably isn’t what everyone would want, but  it’s pretty fun and interesting to put these playlists in random and see what comes up next.  Sometimes I’ll be listening to Thrice (their latest album is pretty cool), and sometimes I’ll be listening to Hiromi, Prince, or Janek Gwizdala.

So with that lead-in I wanted to talk about one artist that recently got added to my 2016 playlist that I’ve really enjoyed, Drew OfThe Drew.

Their music has an undeniable groove factor, while also having strange, genre-melding arrangements that really strike my fancy.  I also like it because the band leader, Drew, is a bassist, composer, and all-around just seems like a nice dude (although his choice of wardrobe is a little odd, but I suppose that works with his music).  Drew has a way of putting punk rock, funk, Reggae, and dub step all into one song and still make it work really well.  And what makes it even better, his rock-star band makes all of this with a somewhat regular instrumentation of bass, guitar, vocals, and two drummers.  Why two drummers?  No clue, but I like it.  It’s cool.

Here’s a sample, one of the songs that I have enjoyed the most, “My Fire”.  It’s got at least 3 genres in this song alone.  It’s pretty groovin’.

This one is also a favorite of mine.  It’s a lot more straight-ahead than the others in their repertoire, not as much genre-blending, but I still really like it.  Something about that opening guitar groove just gets me every time.  And then there’s the addition of the banjo . . . the banjo?  Yeah, it definitely adds an unique factor to the song.

Take a listen, enjoy, they’ve got a few more songs that I really enjoy.  And while you’re at it, check out my 2016 playlist for more favorites.


New Blog, New Life . . . OK just a new blog actually

So I’ve started a new blog.  I’ve tried this blogging thing a few different times with business ideas I had, personal blogs, and a number of different ideas.  None of them have really stuck.  I was doing pretty good with my last blog (, but I found that I don’t really like how cumbersome Blogger is to use.  So here I am, giving WordPress a shot.

Conventional blogging wisdom says that you should pick a single topic and write on that.  This helps to gather an audience interested in hearing from an expert on that topic.  It helps with search results, and also helps to make your blog stick in people’s memories because it’s focused on one topic.

I’ve never really been big on following conventional wisdom.  I tried the “one topic” thing and found that I just really don’t care to write that frequently on one topic.  I have varied interests (as I talk about on my “My Story” page), and I rarely want to write about the same thing day in and day out.  I like to study new things, explore new horizons.  So I’ll be writing about a lot of different things on this blog.

Lest this turn into a boring travelogue of my not-so-adventurous life (I’m not much of thrill seeker) I will focus on a few different topics that interest me the most.

1. Music – I’m a musician and hope to write about music industry stuff.

2. Writing – I’m an aspiring author.  I’m working on novel #1 . . . we’ll see how long that takes me.  But I’ll write about writing and post some snippets.

3. Religion – I’m a Mormon.  Religion is a central part of my life and I’ll be sure, if not to do entire posts about Mormonism, to throw Mormon terms throughout the blog.

4. Family – I’m a family man.  I’m married with one son and another son on the way.  I love my family and love to spend time with them, so I’ll probably be writing about them as well.

This, as you have already guessed, is not an informational blog.  I am not a subject matter expert on any of the aforementioned topics.  I just like to write, and if there is something of interest in what I write then my mission has been accomplished.

So I hope you enjoy, hope you come back soon.