What is Perfection?

What is perfection? And how can heaven be perfect?  

Perfection is a subjective idea. One person’s “perfect” is another person’s “ok”. In order for something to be perfect it would be necessary for it to appeal in the most ideal way to everyone . . . In the universe. For a place to be perfect it would have to make everyone happy, appeal to their personal desires, fulfill their goals, make them feel awesome all the time.  

But different people have different needs, so this place would need to fulfill all of your needs, and be able to fulfill all of your personal, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual needs.  

How can something so . . . Perfect, be possible? 

There is nothing on this earth for us to pattern such a place after. There is no place that is universally appealing to all, and completely wonderful to all. No matter what kind of job you work, no matter how fulfilling it is to you, it will feel like a prison to someone else. No matter how intriguing a subject is at school it will feel like drudgery to someone else.  

How can God create a plan, and a place that fulfills everyone’s needs separately?  With what method can God create something that will be equally appealing to all people, regardless of their individual needs or desires? 

Perhaps that’s why families are central to God’s plan. Families are made by us. We pick our spouses, we raise our children, we make and design our own destiny with our family. In no other institution (outside of our own personal destiny) do we have more control, and complete responsibility over the happiness of one another. 

In school we are somewhat limited by teachers, classmates, and by administrations. In work we are limited in choices by bosses and beauracracy. Same with government. Even in church we have limited control over how things work. In all of those institutions we are still only in control of ourselves, our choices are limited by the institution, and we only have limited influence over how the organization works and changes. But in our families it is our responsibility, and our choice to create a happy home.  While we cannot make choices for other people, even within our family; we, as a family, can jointly choose to create a heaven on earth.   

So if, in heaven, we receive mansions for our families, we can continue to culture and create an atmosphere that is appealing to each family. We can influence those around us in similar ways that we do now, but our main focus is now, and will continue to be there, building a family where happiness reigns and all are taken care of, loved, and happy.  

So, I suppose that family life on earth is simply the training grounds for heavenly life in the world to come. I can’t imagine any other way for God to make heaven perfect, than by making it so that heaven is made up of families. Families that we have spent our whole lives building and crafting into our own, special, unique slice of perfection.  

So my thought for today is, more and more I’m starting to believe that family can be a heaven on earth, and heaven cannot be heaven without family.


Photography – A New Adventure

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I’ve always had an interest in photography.  To see something interesting in the world and take an engaging picture of it.  I find that I just tend to want to see the world from a different perspective, and the way that helps me to do that is to take pictures of it from different, unique angles.

A nice camera has been on my wish list for years.  My wife and I have been talking about getting a DSLR camera since we first got married 6 years ago.  But we’ve always had other things on our wish list that took priority . . . until this year!

And so, finally, I have acquired a DSLR camera.

I got a Nikon D3300 with a basic kit zoom lens.  It’s an 18-55mm lens with a max aperture of 3.5 at 18mm.  So not super fast, and with the crop factor on the D3300 not super wide angle, but so far it’s been a great starter lens.  I also got it in a package deal on Amazon with a memory card and a case, so I’m all set for now.  Just need to look into some other lenses and a tripod and I should be good for most of my photographic needs for some time.

This isn’t really a new hobby for me.  I’ve always liked photography, but have felt a little held back by cell phone cameras, as good as they are.  They’re awesome point-and-shoot cameras, but I kept on wanting more exposure control, more telephoto power, more lens choices.  I realized a while ago that I look at a scene and I get an image in my mind of what I think would make a great picture, but my cell phone camera just wasn’t giving me the picture that I was envisioning.  I was always battling exposure problems, or feeling awkward because I would need to get very close to my subject to get the picture that I wanted and it just wasn’t going to be practical for me to do that.

So far I have been able to get much better photos without changing anything about the way I that I was photographing before, and I’ve even been able to start playing with controls that I would have never had before.  It’s opened up some challenges, but I’m game for a challenge.

Mostly I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of my kids, they are a never ending fountain of interesting pictures.  But I’ve also managed to take my camera outside a bit and shoot some different subjects besides my kids.

I wanted to show a little bit of what I’ve been working on with my photography just because I’m excited to be learning a new skill.

New Blog, New Life . . . OK just a new blog actually

So I’ve started a new blog.  I’ve tried this blogging thing a few different times with business ideas I had, personal blogs, and a number of different ideas.  None of them have really stuck.  I was doing pretty good with my last blog (chivsjawn.blogspot.com), but I found that I don’t really like how cumbersome Blogger is to use.  So here I am, giving WordPress a shot.

Conventional blogging wisdom says that you should pick a single topic and write on that.  This helps to gather an audience interested in hearing from an expert on that topic.  It helps with search results, and also helps to make your blog stick in people’s memories because it’s focused on one topic.

I’ve never really been big on following conventional wisdom.  I tried the “one topic” thing and found that I just really don’t care to write that frequently on one topic.  I have varied interests (as I talk about on my “My Story” page), and I rarely want to write about the same thing day in and day out.  I like to study new things, explore new horizons.  So I’ll be writing about a lot of different things on this blog.

Lest this turn into a boring travelogue of my not-so-adventurous life (I’m not much of thrill seeker) I will focus on a few different topics that interest me the most.

1. Music – I’m a musician and hope to write about music industry stuff.

2. Writing – I’m an aspiring author.  I’m working on novel #1 . . . we’ll see how long that takes me.  But I’ll write about writing and post some snippets.

3. Religion – I’m a Mormon.  Religion is a central part of my life and I’ll be sure, if not to do entire posts about Mormonism, to throw Mormon terms throughout the blog.

4. Family – I’m a family man.  I’m married with one son and another son on the way.  I love my family and love to spend time with them, so I’ll probably be writing about them as well.

This, as you have already guessed, is not an informational blog.  I am not a subject matter expert on any of the aforementioned topics.  I just like to write, and if there is something of interest in what I write then my mission has been accomplished.

So I hope you enjoy, hope you come back soon.