The Muse of Insomnia

I accidentally took a three hour nap. I usually don’t take naps at all for it throws off my groove, interrupts my day, and subsequently makes my nights dreadfully long.
So I lay in my bed thinking and trying to sleep. I’ve already read a chapter of the book I’m reading, that didn’t quite get me to the point where I can sleep. I don’t feel like getting out of bed, so I grab my trusty iPad and start writing.
I hope not to bore with endless ramblings of sleeplessness. And I would make some witty commentary about sleepless nights or long arduous Mondays, but the Muse of Insomnia has left me bare of wit and wisdom, which makes my wakefulness even more dreary. What is the fun of being awake if I can’t even think straight enough to write anything but a few paragraphs of frustrated venting?

To keep this from getting boring (or more boring than it already is) I will end this post with a question:

What do you do on those nights when you can’t sleep?