Favorite Music Playlists

Jazz for Newbs

This is a playlist I put together for the folks who don’t know much about jazz, or who erroneously think that Jazz = Saxophone (or “elevator”) music.  I’ve had one too many conversations with people who say that they like jazz, but when asked what kind they don’t really know what to say.  So here’s a starting list, it’s got some standards, it’s got some of my personal favorites, and it’s got some jazz on there that will challenge your perception of what the word “jazz” means.

Odd Times

This playlist is a collection of some of my favorite songs featuring odd time signatures.  If you don’t know what that means click here to read my explanation.  It’s got some jazz, some popular music, classical; you may have heard of some of the artists, you may not have.  If you like odd time meters,  you might get a kick out of this playlist.

Favorite Music of 2015

Favorite Music of 2014

Some of my favorite songs and albums that I listened to the most in 2014, not songs that were released in 2014.

Favorite Music of 2013


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