What is Perfection?

What is perfection? And how can heaven be perfect?  

Perfection is a subjective idea. One person’s “perfect” is another person’s “ok”. In order for something to be perfect it would be necessary for it to appeal in the most ideal way to everyone . . . In the universe. For a place to be perfect it would have to make everyone happy, appeal to their personal desires, fulfill their goals, make them feel awesome all the time.  

But different people have different needs, so this place would need to fulfill all of your needs, and be able to fulfill all of your personal, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual needs.  

How can something so . . . Perfect, be possible? 

There is nothing on this earth for us to pattern such a place after. There is no place that is universally appealing to all, and completely wonderful to all. No matter what kind of job you work, no matter how fulfilling it is to you, it will feel like a prison to someone else. No matter how intriguing a subject is at school it will feel like drudgery to someone else.  

How can God create a plan, and a place that fulfills everyone’s needs separately?  With what method can God create something that will be equally appealing to all people, regardless of their individual needs or desires? 

Perhaps that’s why families are central to God’s plan. Families are made by us. We pick our spouses, we raise our children, we make and design our own destiny with our family. In no other institution (outside of our own personal destiny) do we have more control, and complete responsibility over the happiness of one another. 

In school we are somewhat limited by teachers, classmates, and by administrations. In work we are limited in choices by bosses and beauracracy. Same with government. Even in church we have limited control over how things work. In all of those institutions we are still only in control of ourselves, our choices are limited by the institution, and we only have limited influence over how the organization works and changes. But in our families it is our responsibility, and our choice to create a happy home.  While we cannot make choices for other people, even within our family; we, as a family, can jointly choose to create a heaven on earth.   

So if, in heaven, we receive mansions for our families, we can continue to culture and create an atmosphere that is appealing to each family. We can influence those around us in similar ways that we do now, but our main focus is now, and will continue to be there, building a family where happiness reigns and all are taken care of, loved, and happy.  

So, I suppose that family life on earth is simply the training grounds for heavenly life in the world to come. I can’t imagine any other way for God to make heaven perfect, than by making it so that heaven is made up of families. Families that we have spent our whole lives building and crafting into our own, special, unique slice of perfection.  

So my thought for today is, more and more I’m starting to believe that family can be a heaven on earth, and heaven cannot be heaven without family.


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