The San Rafael

Recently we took a short trip to the San Rafael swell.  For some reason people pronounce that “San Ruh-fell”, still trying to figure that one out.  

Beyond the strange pronunciation this place is an awesome place to visit.  The road going through the swell is an easy ride, pretty much any car could make it on the nicely packed road, and the spot where we camped was some of the most scenic camping I’ve done.  It was a fantastic trip for my maiden photography voyage.  

I feel like I got some good images out of the trip.  I made quite a few rookie blunders (accidentally leaving the ISO at 800 during the day . . . woops, had a lot of exposure fixing to do in post), but I feel like it was a good experience overall.  

There was one part of my trip that I didn’t really manage to capture with pictures, but that I truly enjoyed, was star gazing. It was easy to see a vast array of stars, and with a longer exposure even catch some of the Milky Way.  I had some real issues figuring out if my focus was right, so as it turned out none of my star photos really turned out how I wanted.  But I’ve posted some of my photos below that I felt turned out well.  

My sister-in-law walking through the majestic red rock mountains.  That pose is kind of her “walking about” pose.  

This was a view I caught during one of our longer rides through the mountain ranges.  

My son in an abandoned car outside of an old uranium mine.  

I thought this picture really expressed the personality of my father-in-law.  He is a hard-core hiker and outdoorsman, and this picture just seemed to typify his sense of adventure and desire to explore every location in Utah before he dies.  


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