Mother’s Day Pictures

As a recent inductee into the world of DSLR photography, this was probably my first real attempt at portraiture.  My wife wanted some pictures of her with the rose she got at church for mother’s day.  The kids were napping, so it was probably one of the only times that we would be able to do a photo shoot without snot-nosed kids (literally snot coming out of the nose at all times) crawling all over us.

So, after taking a fairly large number of pictures we picked the top 4 of the day, which I’m sharing here.

Hope you like, happy mother’s day to the mother of my children, who is the most amazing wife and mother I could ask for!  And as you can clearly see, she is quite a hotty, if I don’t say so myself.

Such beautiful blue eyes!  And I love that red hair. 


I thought that they turned out well.  All were shot with a Nikon D3300 in available light.  Had to do some light editing to bring back the natural color of her hair and accentuate the blue in her eyes.

All in all, it was nice to finally take pictures of someone who holds still enough so that I can find the best angles and experiment, my kids aren’t this cooperative.


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