Photography – A New Adventure

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I’ve always had an interest in photography.  To see something interesting in the world and take an engaging picture of it.  I find that I just tend to want to see the world from a different perspective, and the way that helps me to do that is to take pictures of it from different, unique angles.

A nice camera has been on my wish list for years.  My wife and I have been talking about getting a DSLR camera since we first got married 6 years ago.  But we’ve always had other things on our wish list that took priority . . . until this year!

And so, finally, I have acquired a DSLR camera.

I got a Nikon D3300 with a basic kit zoom lens.  It’s an 18-55mm lens with a max aperture of 3.5 at 18mm.  So not super fast, and with the crop factor on the D3300 not super wide angle, but so far it’s been a great starter lens.  I also got it in a package deal on Amazon with a memory card and a case, so I’m all set for now.  Just need to look into some other lenses and a tripod and I should be good for most of my photographic needs for some time.

This isn’t really a new hobby for me.  I’ve always liked photography, but have felt a little held back by cell phone cameras, as good as they are.  They’re awesome point-and-shoot cameras, but I kept on wanting more exposure control, more telephoto power, more lens choices.  I realized a while ago that I look at a scene and I get an image in my mind of what I think would make a great picture, but my cell phone camera just wasn’t giving me the picture that I was envisioning.  I was always battling exposure problems, or feeling awkward because I would need to get very close to my subject to get the picture that I wanted and it just wasn’t going to be practical for me to do that.

So far I have been able to get much better photos without changing anything about the way I that I was photographing before, and I’ve even been able to start playing with controls that I would have never had before.  It’s opened up some challenges, but I’m game for a challenge.

Mostly I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of my kids, they are a never ending fountain of interesting pictures.  But I’ve also managed to take my camera outside a bit and shoot some different subjects besides my kids.

I wanted to show a little bit of what I’ve been working on with my photography just because I’m excited to be learning a new skill.


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