The Monday Beat

You get back from a nice weekend.  You’ve got your Honey-do list all checked off, you’ve binge watched on Netflix to your hearts content, you’ve partied with your friends or family.  Weekends rock.

Then Monday rolls around.

Back to work.  Back to grinding your nose on that proverbial grind stone.  Back to dealing with clients, bosses, co-workers, fluorescent lights, and long hours.

Hopefully you like your job, I know I do.  But a lot of people don’t like their job.  Going back to work sucks for a lot of people.  Hopefully you’ve worked out some coping mechanisms to get through the day, because if not it can make for a very long day indeed.

I’m no counselor, so I don’t know what works best for beating the Monday blues, all I know is what works for me.  Music baby!  There’s nothing like some good tunes to drive the blues away.  This week, to help you get through the blues, I’ve got some tunes for your listening pleasure.

Meet Ben L’Oncle.  He’s a French soul singer who’s music bring back the best of the retro soul music while still maintaining a modern feel (don’t worry, he sings in English too).  Ben got me hooked on his music last year when I accidentally found him on Spotify, don’t really remember how.

He’s not super popular, but his music is a soulful feast of tasty goodness.  It’s perfect for a Monday, and any day after that you need a pickup.  All you need to do to get hooked is listen to the first track, which is his cover of “Seven Nation Army” (confession: I actually like Ben’s version better than the original).  Ben’s got a good voice, great arrangements, and a nice groove in his songs.

I think you’ll like the album, so without further ado, Ben L’Oncle.  And may your blues be vanquished by these sick beats.



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