I found this recording recently from a senior recital that I played a few years back.

Ammon, a friend of mine, and I had been jamming and playing Jazz together for a few years.  We had a good chemistry, he was/is a great piano player and I was happy to play with him.  We were doing a lot of out-there fusion stuff in a band that we called “The Weather Jackets” (a mixture of Weather Report and Yellow Jackets).  But we were also doing some trio stuff together, this is some of our trio work.

I was surprised by how much I liked this recording.  Maybe I’m just narcissistic, but I like listening to recordings of myself.  I guess it might not be totally narcissistic, because I’m as harsh in my criticism of my own playing as I am of others.

The song starts out pretty good, but I have a hard time laying down the groove without rushing just slightly.  Probably a bi-product nerves.  I anticipate the beat throughout the song just a bit, probably not enough to be noticeable if I wasn’t listening for it.  Other than the slight rushing of me and drummer I felt that the groove was good, the vibe and chemistry between the three of us was pretty good and we supported each other well in our solos.

Ammon’s playing was tasteful, his solos had a nice arc to them, and had a lot of really tasteful ideas throughout.  His comping was also tasteful.  Our drummer, Matt Millington did a great job of laying back and just supplying that groove that completed the song  but was in the background.  Overall I thought it was one the better performances that I was apart of. I even liked my solo, which is usually not the case.

Let me know what you think.


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