Soulive: a Sick, Grooving Organ Trio

Soulive is by far one of my favorite bands to fuse jazz with hip-hop/funk/R&B.  They’ve got a pretty decent discography, with a lot of variety to take in.

Organ jazz-fusion trio Soulive – Eric Krasno, Alan Evans, Neal Evans

A little background about Soulive and the genre that they are defining.  Soulive (as I mentioned) is an organ trio: organ, guitar, drums.    Many of their albums are just the three of them playing live (hence Sou”live”), so I’ve found that every time I’ve listened to their albums the recording quality isn’t as good as it might have been had they done it in the studio, but there is no way that they could convey as much energy and enthusiasm in a studio.

For some of their albums they’ve brought in a bassist, and have collaborated with musicians like: Dave Matthews, John Scofield, Derek Trucks, Joshua Redman, and others.

In their 13 years together, Soulive has followed the muse in the direction of hip-hop, R&B, blues and rock – (Bio from their Website)

Most of their music is, to me, a kind of jazz infused hip-hop.  Their grooves are funky, fresh, and energizing.  They maintain all that is groovy and cool about hip-hop while bringing their awesome musicality and musical prowess to their solos.

So if you’re looking for something different to listen to this weekend, I’d recommend giving them a listen below, and enjoy some sweet grooves and funky solos.  I’ve posted two albums here, one is live, one is in the studio.  Both I think are amazing albums.



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