Defining Bipolar

Great definition and thoughts on bipolar disorder by my wonderful wife.


Sadly, bipolar disorder has a lot of misconceptions. I remember one time I heard another young mom comment to me about how her baby was so bipolar. “She is happy one minute and then gets totally upset out of the blue.” This, among other similar comments, really bothered me. Bipolar is more than just mood swings and the swings are hardly ever that rapid cycling.  Some people get bipolar confused with schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder, major depression or even ADHD . So, what is bipolar really?

I like to say that I have bipolar rather than saying I am bipolar. Saying I am bipolar suggests that it is a constant state of being. It’s like the difference between having a broken leg and being broken. I don’t like to think that I am broken and unfixable. Bipolar is completely and totally treatable, just like a broken leg. Yes, it sucks to…

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